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Jacob Knegtel

Graphic designer. I love mixing traditional work with digital after-effects. Also a keen photoshop brush designer.

  • Gravity-brushes
    Pincéis de gravidade
  • Aurora_brush_set_thumbnail
    Pincéis Aurora
  • Fortune_thumbmail
    Escovas de fortuna
  • Assassin_brush_set_thumbnail
    Conjunto de pincel assassino
  • Arcade_brushes_thumbnail
    Escovas de arcada
  • Project_new_prop_copy
    Conjunto de escova radiante
  • Infinity_brush_set_by_shiftyj_thumb
    Conjunto de pincel infinito
  • Evasion_thumbnail
    Conjunto de escova de evasão
  • Kinetic_thumbnail
    Conjunto escova cinética
  • Euphoria_thumbnail
    Escovas Euphoria
  • Vector_abstract_-_shiftyj_small_thumbcopy
    Midnight City - escovas de vetores
  • Assassin_brush_set_thumbnail
    Conjunto de pincel assassino