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Linda Ward

Ok, I managed to get a brush up! Not much yet but I will get more. Hmm, about me.

Like to draw a lot but not enough time for all I would love to do. Working on it!

  • Myropebrush1lwk
    Escova de corda
  • Arty_shrews_whiskers
    Arty Shrew's Whiskers Brushes
  • Fractal_flowers
    Escovas de flores de Fractal
  • Swirlydoodles
    Swirlly Doodles Brushes
  • Floraldoodles
    Pincéis De Doodles De Flores
  • Basicdoodles
    Escovas Doodles Básicas
  • Brush_set_65___floralornaments_by_punksafetypin
    Ornamentos florais
  • Brush_set_63___retro_ornaments_by_punksafetypin
    Ornamentos retros
  • Brush_set_60___retro_flowers_by_punksafetypin
    Flores Retro
  • Brush_set_61___retro_circles_by_punksafetypin
    Círculos retros
  • Ornament_art_part_ii_by_nadinepau_stock
    Pincéis de ornamento
  • Ornament_art_brushes_by_nadinepau_stock
    Arte do ornamento
  • Thumb
    Escovas de Doodle feitas à mão
  • Thumb
    Padrões do Photoshop - Pack 02